Social Media Intelligence Tools

TOPSY (Twitter Tool)

Twitter: Tim Horton’s need to be more active on Twitter if we compare with Starbucks they have more relevant followers and more relevant tweets related to niche. From past 7 days, most of the Tim Horton’s tweets are coming from news & games channels. On flip side, Starbucks use images related to coffee, their products and some memes which helps more conversion rate of tweets. So, if Tim Horton’s use similar sort of strategy, maybe they put more impact on this platform.

SOCIALBAKER (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube Tool)

Facebook: On Facebook, Starbucks stats are better than Tim Horton’s from last 2-3 weeks because Starbucks is very active about their posts globally. For Canada, Tim Horton’s have more percentage of fans on than Starbucks. So, for Canada Tim Horton’s marketing strategies are good but if they use some paid campaigns for US audience, then they have more impact on Facebook globally.

YouTube: On YouTube, Tim Horton’s has less subscribers, videos and views on their official channels. But if we compare views with the videos then Tim Horton’s is good to promote their videos on YouTube. If we look at a graph, for Starbucks views are constantly increasing form Sept to Oct however in the case of Tim Horton’s views graph is a bit up than Sept24

ICONSQUARE (Instagram Tool)

Instagram: There are more followers of Starbucks than Tim Horton’s because of numerous media posts.On this platform Tin Horton’s pictures are better to engage than Instagram. Tim Horton’s can use content calendar for future strategies to interact with their coffee lovers.

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