Legal Rights in Photographs on Social Media

 The presentation of data on a blog and websites is not individualized legal advice and should not be depended on thusly. Most of the articles are are proposed to offer general comments on lawful advancements of worry to people, business and lawful experts and are not planned to give legitimate opinions. Readers should seek legal advice on the specific issues that worry them. © All Rights Reserved 2002-2014. There are a wide range of rights in a photograph. For instance; Copyright Law, Moral Rights, Rights of the Subject – Privacy and Publicity Rights, The Right to Privacy etc.


Copyright Law: There are few changes in Canada’s Copyright Act was changed in 2012, it was that the photographs were now treated as any other “artistic work” such as paintings or drawings. Copyright law gives the owners of artistic works certain exclusive rights to exploit their works, such as reproducing the photograph or selling the photograph.

Moral Rights: S. 14 of the Copyright Act likewise allows “moral rights” to a creator/author/admin, which keep somebody from making changes to the author’s work if those adjustments will influence “the integrity of the work,” and require the creator to be given exact acknowledgment for the work.

Rights of the Subject – Privacy and Publicity Rights: In this the photo’s subject may have certain rights and additionally those of the copyright proprietor. The individual who was shot may have the privilege to stifle the photo’s production, or even to get damages, on the off chance that it encroaches on his or her rights. There are two sorts of rights that can be included here: the right of privacy, and the right of publicity.

The Right to Privacy: Since the right to one’s image is included in the right to respect for one’s private life, it is axiomatic that every person possesses a protected right to his or her image. This right arises when the subject is recognizable. There is, thus, an infringement of the person’s right to his or her image, and therefore fault, as soon as the image is published without consent and enables the person to be identified.  (March, 2014 by Copyright Law, Internet Law, Privacy Law, Trademark Law)


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