WordPress style.css Customization using different themes

Twenty Fifteen Theme


Initial view of twenty fifteen theme

Initial Theme Post


Left column colour change i.e pink



Left Column Colour Change


Font change i.e. Myriad Pro Light and then header colour change i.e. green

Theme 1 edited view

Edited view of theme 1

Twenty Thirteen Theme

Initial view of twenty thirteen theme



Initial theme 2 view


Background color change i.e green

Background colour change


Post content colour change i.e. red

Content color change


Arial Black font change

Font change


Final edited view of twenty thirteen


Final edited view of twenty thirteen

Twenty Twelve Theme

Initial View of twenty twelve theme

Initial View


Background colour change i.e dark yellow

Background color change

Font change i.e Agency FB and heading colour change i.e. sea green

Font and colour change


Final & Edited view of twenty twelve theme 3

Final & Edited view of theme 3


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