The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Socail Media Platforms

Nowadays, Social Media marketing is cardinal for a business presence to achieve organisational goals. In 2014 survey, most of the organizations use Facebook, Twitter & Intagram for marketing but 65% of organization doesn’t know to exactly how to make a brand presence on these platforms for instance they just copy and paste the website content on above SMO platforms. So, there are few dos and don’ts on these platforms to do effective marketing.


  • On Facebook keep your status updates in brief and precise because everyone is busy, longer your updates the less individuals will read them.
  • Consider what your friends may really need to peruse, instead of exactly what you have a craving for saying right now.
  • Fluctuate your posts. In the event that you surge your page with many posts about weaving examples, just what you feel like saying at the moment. Change content and offer readers an assortment of your own personal comments, data shared from different sources, pictures, videos etc.
  • Take it easy with the politics. Political contradictions on Facebook can prompt hard emotions and can heighten to de-friending, which is miserable. By all methods offer assessments and issues that are essential to you, however recollect that you’re conversing with genuine individuals on Facebook: watch your tone, don’t yell, and don’t be terrible.
  • Use Facebook paid methods if you want quick hits with your niche rather than to buy like from fiverr kind of websites.
  • Always edit, if there’s nothing more needed than a few moments, and it can have the effect between a status update that makes sense and one that doesn’t.


  • Try not to post anything secret or private anyplace on Facebook. Facebook security or privacy settings are in flux and your updates may be seen by a wide group of individuals. In case you’re not open to imparting your upgrade to truly everybody on the planet, don’t post it.
  • Don’t to share anything about companions, friends or family on Facebook that they would not need known publicly. You’re in charge of ensuring their security and also your own.
  • Try not to be mean. Unkind comments about other individuals and awful remarks on other individual’s updates will make Facebook an annoying spot to be.
  • Don’t overshare. I’m happy you’re amped up for obsolescent bagpipes. I like you and I would prefer not to UN follow you, yet genuinely, seven back to back posts about obsolescent bagpipes is too much. In case you’re truly enthusiastic about something, think about beginning as a special page gave to that hobby instead of subjecting every one of your friends to serial posts about the same sort of thing.


  • Always use photos and videos with your tweet. Use funny, dramatic and quote which gives enough information because there are few characters to tweet.
  • Follow targeted audience, because it is a quick way to get out a Twitter slump and start to see new interactions, conversation, retweets and also to increase traffic to your website.
  • Use Hash Tags to search or to with tweet post. Try to use 2 hash tags in a tweet and make sure to segregate the hash tags with link.
  • Always change views according to audience behaviour and engage with community, also try to share relevant articles blogs etc.

Twitter Don’ts:

  • Do not follow anyone without a plan, the better way to follow “some” influencers and follow regular targeted followers who working twitter correctly.
  • Try not to be aggressive through twitter conversation; whatever you say is in writing.
  • Don’t repeat yourself for instance; do not tweet Facebook page every day which makes it’s boring and annoying.
  • Don’t forget to show your appreciation, knowledge. Every day the people that follow you have 100′s if not 1000′s of things and individuals they can decide to retweet to their followers, so when they decide to share you, verify you let them know you see them.

Instagram Do’s

  • Always design your quotes in Photoshop or any other online platform because Instagram need variety.
  • Follow followers who are relevant with your content and post comment on their posts .
  • Try to share behind the scenes for your website, business, customers, portfolios and also photos of your life etc.
  • Engage with your followers, if some posts comments then respond quickly.
  • Use has tags to categorize your content and also search for some popular hash tags in your business to use them.

Instagram Don’ts

  • Don’t post more than three photos 1-3X in a day.
  • Try not yo use more than 10 hash tags on your photos.
  • Do not forget to add caption tag to every post because caption always matter.
  • Try not to hesistate to create a secondary profile for personal use. Make it private and share photos which you like you like do not edit them and anyway you want.


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