Social Media: Transparency, Privacy & Respect

Recommendation to an organization to protecting personal privacy in accessing data:

1). Confidentiality: This is as similar as privacy. Confidentially is basically designed to prevent sensitive data on customers, donors, friend and other constituents, while making sure right pees get right information. Moreover, confidentiality is a property, where information isn’t available to unauthorized peoples. For instance Facebook Page/Group privacy is only for group members.

2). Integrity: Integrity plays a cardinal role to maintain consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data. Social media platform’s data should not be changed in transit, and the action or movement must be taken to ensure that the data cannot be altered by any unauthorized people. For instance; breach of confidentiality of Facebook Page.

3). Availability: It is best ensured by rigorously maintain all SMO profile posts, Like bad posts, comments must be edited or deleted by admin immediately because of the reputation. So, organization’s social media managers must check each SMO account daily.

4). Relevancy: Relevant content increase wavelength of the conversations, make the brand as a trusted advisor on SMO platforms. However, if we use irrelevant content they we may lose our followers and also our conversations. Due to this people may add bad reviews on the profile etc. So, SMO profile content, followers must be relevant for the sake of promotion and privacy.

Examples of Worst Posts by Organizations:

Example 1:

Dave & Buster’s are US restaurant and entertainment chain, post a worst tweet “I hate tacos’ said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters.” and then apologised after a tweet promoting its “Taco Tuesday”. The Texas-based Corporation was accused of perpetuating racial stereotypes resistant to the local Hispanic community after it made a pun in Spanish. In the end, Dave & Buster’s delete that tweet and apologise in another social media campaign gone wrong other tweet.

Example 2:

There were a terrible number of insensitive tweets nearby deadly Hurricane Sandy. Gap, for an example; Boost their followers to weather the storm by staying inside and shopping on the store’s website. However, this awful post was come from Canadian supermarket chain President’s Choice. This tweet message basically connected to Halloween recipe for marshmallow bloodshot eyeballs which was made by slicing marshmallows in half and placing a grape in the middle.

Some More Examples of Worst Tweets:


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