Four Effective Ways of Mobile Marketing for Organizations

From salad days of millennium, digital media strategies keep changing persistently for organization’s. In the past, organizations just concentrated to create websites or to work on few social media platforms like Digg, Stumble, Delicious, Flicker, Picasa, etc. However, in current state organizations focusing on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp. So, due to the advancement of technology organizations need to head out and think about current SMO platforms as well as future digital media strategies.

Probing further, in future people become more materialistic and the digital trends will shoot towards gadgets for instance, smart watches, smart phones and other wearable gadgets. Among those gadgets, mobiles are the best trend in future because peoples’ attentions are directly or ambiently connected to their mobile phone’s devices all day long. Like it will take only a couple of minutes to check all notifications, let say average person spend 3 seconds on the home screen, 5-6 seconds on push notifications, 4 seconds is the decide time what to do  and less than 90 seconds on email/texts. So, organizations must focus on smart phones to maintain their roots in cyber world because people will addict more in future.

What Organizations can do …

Mobile Compatibility Strategy: Most of the organization sites are not mobile compatible they have just a simple theme even with good search engine results, but as per Google Mobilegeddon (Google Mobile Algorithm or Update) you will not rank in mobile based search results if your site is not mobile compatible. Moreover, most of the organizations do not list their business on Google places, for instance, if any, of organization’s guest search for their product, but if an organization is not listed on places then that guest probably will go to our competitor’s website.

Visuals Content: Visual infographs are the best way to interact with customers. As mobile screen is not too big like computers, if organizations use infographs for communication with customers, it’s a good strategy to interact with them because mobile users make visual decisions in less than 3 seconds and infograph itself presents complex data into visual shorthand. Visual content is always became viral in SMO platforms.

Haptic Strategy: This strategy aims to improve engagement. Haptic basically refer to technology that communicates with a user via sense or touch for an example when mobiles vibrate that’s haptic technology. So, organizations use video, animated ads on different apps for more engagement.

Ambient strategy: It is basically a mobile marketing technique for an organization to place unusual items or in unusual places and it’s not seen like normal ad. The ambient advertising technique can be found anywhere and everywhere; like its’ a campaign to select best media format (like We Chat or Line up) and combined with an effective message. This kind of ad campaigns often makes customers think about a certain place or thing differently. Furthermore, ambient strategy is best in the future for an organization to to raise more curiosity and get the consumer to come and take a closer look.

Tools to be used …

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great, free tool to track visitors, generate traffic reports. It also helps organizations to measure how users interact with their mobile content and on which mobile page is popular. Moreover, with this tool also tracks new vs returning visitors, whether traffic is coming from with social media site etc.

Digimind: This is a paid tool or a software to engage, analyse and also for reporting for an organization. Digimind also tracks the people like to be behind the chatting and to check what people think about the brain. So, it’s also a great feature mobile tool.

MobileCore: This tool helps organizations to create ads, custom campaigns, etc. MobileCore is also a network of direct publishers to find the high LTV (Life Time Value) users you are looking for at scale.

MBaaS: MBaaS “Mobile Back-end as a Service” tool for developers. For organizations it’s the best way to connect and manage the back-end of their mobile apps via the cloud. It is an effective tool for organizations because in the future, it’s really hard to manage more data or more pages. For instance sites like amazon, eBay.

Behavior Change …

An organization must be reviewing their strategies on a daily bases because smart phones and their versions are changing day by day. So, due to changes in strategies, organization policies need to be updated as well for the sake of interaction and promotion among customers. Inside, the end there must be a contingency planning before any change in policies.


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