Acing the Google Voice Search SEO in 2019

Voice search is becoming more and more common because of the ease of handling it gives to the users. It is easy and completely voice controlled and gives them the freedom of multi-tasking. This is why today, as an online business, you must focus on optimizing your website for voice search.

What Percentage of Google Searches are Voice?

Who doesn’t like hands-free experience and getting things done faster? The answer is simple; no one. This is why Google voice searches are becoming more mainstream. Google has given its users a medium to achieve this through simple voice searches and basic keywords.

Did you know, around 40% of adults use voice search to go through the search engine? And not to forget, it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of the total Google searches will be voice operated. Keeping this in mind, it’s time we focus on optimizing website content as per the “voice search SEO”.

As of today, we know that 40% adults use voice search but as per total searches, this number reduces to 20%. But 20% of the total Internet users is nothing less than at least a million. So while you’re thinking about taking your business website to millions of people around the world, do not miss out on this 20 %, which is expected to grow tremendously in the near future.

What Percentage of Searches are on Mobile?

With the growing need for comfort, people are turning more and more towards using smartphones for most of their tasks. And searching is one of them. It is estimated that an average of 50% Google searches are from mobile and this number is steadily increasing with time.

These statistics change with different countries and products. For instance, 58% of the total US internet users use mobile phones for their searches while the world’s average remains 50%. This number increases or decreases depending on the type of niche. For instance, banking is the least searched niche through mobile phones, whereas, this number is relatively higher when compared to food and beverages.

Other popularly searched niches through mobile phones consist of health, sports, news, and entertainment. So while you are working on making your website SEO friendly, do not forget to optimize it according to your niche too. Niche is one of the most important features that affect the traffic to your website and must be focused on in every case.

Google searches on mobile phones are an easier way to go through day to day questions. This is why we have noticed a  steady increase in the use of mobile phones for Google searches and that’s why it has become an essential part of digital marketing.

What is Voice Search SEO?

When Google first introduced voice search features, it was limited to four languages. Today, it has expanded to 50 languages. This has made “Google voice search” a highly accessible service. This is also one of the reasons why more and more users are leaning towards voice search. This has given rise to voice search optimization to make it more SEO friendly for users who use voice search.

Now the question is, how is voice search optimization different from normal SEO optimization?


The main difference is that voice search is more expanded and has more keywords than regular typed search. This changes the keyword composition and it increases and becomes more verbal. So while focusing on voice search SEO, you have to focus on making your content more verbally accessible.

Direct And To-The-Point Content

It is estimated that 55% teens use voice searches to look for quick answers. Their expectation is to get a small to-the-point answer for their search, and this is what must be focused on when making your content more voice search SEO friendly.

Take Conversational Approach

Again pointing out the fact that voice search is more conversational than typed searches. Mostly, people search the way they normally converse and do not have proper questions. For instance, a question can sound like, ‘Where’s the next Ariana Grande Concert?’. So when optimizing your content, make sure you make it more casual and conversational.

Why Voice Search Is Important for SEO?

SEO has become a very common term when talking about making an online presence. And though it has been quite a time since its existence in the game, there are constant changes and new features that are being added to the process. One such feature is the addition of voice search SEO in an already existing concept.  Check the infograph what we people are searching with voice, so for every business its cardinal and the voice seo is the key factor.

In fact, it has become such an important point of focus that almost every online business owner has started focusing on it. Why? It’s because voice search is becoming more and more common among users. In 2015, when the concept of voice search was still new, its use went up to 50 billion a month. And as 2018 comes to an end, the number has consistently risen. Moreover, people are always looking for more comfortable services to get things done, voice search being one of them. So now we can see how important it is to focus on voice search SEO.

How to optimize your website with voice searches?

If your website is optimized with voice searches, then its bed of roses for your. Here are some common factors; make sure your website must be with https:// and increase the authority of your domain, also work on social media side of things. Moreover your website speed should be good make sure, it’s loads fast. If its slow your website will not appears in voice searches, try to build your website in AMP. Furthermore, do content marketing we short questions & answers. Last nail, SEO is keep changing day by day and because of voice searches lead, conversion based terms are changing. So, while optimizing your site think about voice search.



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